The Role of Electrochemistry in Modern Technology

Electrochemistry, a branch of chemistry that deals with the relationship between electrical energy and chemical changes, plays a pivotal role in modern technology. From energy storage systems to medical devices and corrosion protection, the principles of electrochemistry are integral to…

Chemical Innovation: Unveiling the Dynamics of Japan’s Thriving Chemical Industry

Introduction Japan’s chemical industry stands as a testament to the nation’s unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainable practices, and manufacturing excellence. With a rich history of pioneering advancements, Japan has positioned itself as a global leader in the chemical sector. This…

Fujifilm Partners with Major Russian Pharmaceutical Firm

Fujifilm Holdings Corp. (TYO:4901) announced on Dec. 16 that it has agreed with Russian pharmaceuticals manufacturer R-Pharm to enter into…… Please subscribe to read the full story.

Interview: Sumitomo Electric President Osamu Inoue Discusses Developments in Automotive, Communications and Energy

Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd. (TYO:5802) is finding promising avenues with its products for automotive, communications and energy. President and COO…… Please subscribe to read the full story.

Toray Switches up Automotive Materials Strategy to Focus on CASE Demand

Toray Industries Inc. (TYO:3402) has embarked on a full-fledged marketing campaign for next-generation automotive products. Conventionally, Toray’s Automotive Material Strategic…… Please subscribe to read the full story.

Interview: Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings President Hitoshi Ochi Discusses Plans for 2020 and Beyond

Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corp. (TYO:4188) is pursuing a number of new technologies and management strategies as it looks to respond…… Please subscribe to read the full story.

Showa Denko, Hitachi Chemical Proceed Toward Merging Management

With Showa Denko KK (TYO:4004) having now acquired Hitachi Chemical Co. Ltd. as a wholly owned subsidiary, the major M&A…… Please subscribe to read the full story.

Interview: Juhua Group Chairman Zhongming Hu Talks Strategy and Business Environment

Juhua Group Corp. is continuing to pursue growth as the chemical industry weathers the novel coronavirus. Zhongming Hu, who serves…… Please subscribe to read the full story.

Mitsui Chemicals, IBM Japan Look to Visualize Plastic Circulation Using Digital Technology

Mitsui Chemicals Inc. (TYO:4183) and IBM Japan Ltd. are set to kick off demonstration testing for a digital technology project…… Please subscribe to read the full story.

Toshiba Develops Energy-Efficient, Low-Temperature, Non-Pressurized Concentration Technology

Toshiba Corp. (TYO:6502) has developed a technology to concentrate and extract substances contained in aqueous solutions under low temperature and…… Please subscribe to read the full story.