Yokohama Rubber Cuts Weight of Automotive Air Conditioning Hoses by 50%

Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd. (TYO:5101) has succeeded in greatly reducing the weight of automotive air conditioning hoses by using a…… Please subscribe to read the full story.

Toray Executive VP Koichi Abe Talks R&D Processes, New Technologies

The Chemical Daily recently conducted a round of interviews with the heads of R&D divisions of major Japanese chemical companies. For this installment, we talked with Koichi Abe, executive VP, representative member of the board and chief technology officer of…

MoE Moves to Launch Four-Year Demonstration Testing Project for Tidal Power

Japan’s Ministry of the Environment (MoE) is setting out on demonstration testing for tidal power, which is garnering attention as…… Please subscribe to read the full story.  

Asahi Kasei Brings Engineers Onto Factory Floor to Pursue Digital Production Innovation

Asahi Kasei Corp. (TYO:3407) is moving forward with plans to transform production in its factories by leveraging IoT, AI and…… Please subscribe to read the full story.

Materials Companies Delve Into Food Industry With New Tech for Tastier Plant-Based Meat

Plant-based meats derived from the likes of soybeans are showing rapid growth in their popularity of late, both in supermarkets…… Please subscribe to read the full story.